christmas eve


Hi Pretty ladies!

This is the best Monday eveerrr, ho-li-daaay!!

I love Jogja during the holiday season, oh well, not to mention the amount of people that come to the store-they were great at making my shop assistant busy :D-i love seeing people trying clothes, look pretty and satisfied when they finally bought it. i just love it!

A girl in Friday to Sunday Amplaz store tried like dozen dresses and she was about going crazy when she has to pick only two dresses. i smiled because i know exactly how does it feel! “i really hope i could just put them in a bag, pay and bring ’em home like nothing happened!” –> this is what i feel, i know she felt it too. haha…

Anyways, my way home was horrible horrible horrible! so it was triple horrible. the traffic makes me sighed ‘oh dear Lord’ over and over again while on the road. i don’t mean to moan but it took twice the time required. You know, i’m an easily-become-happy person, especially when i realize that tonight is the christmas eve i suddenly look around to see many people already get dressed and ready to go to the Church. whatta wonderful view…


merry christmas, beautiful!


ms. Friday


Mother’s Day


Happy Mothers’ Day for all mommies in Indonesia and even all around the world.

To celebrating it, Friday to Sunday provides you free post card that you can give to your Mum with a message on it.

front F2S post card    hari ibu poscard

So, enjoy today, let you Mum knows that you love them



ms. Sunday




We finally could manage all the busy-buzing-bee activities and back on track.

Yes girls its been amazingly long since our last post, we’re sorry for that. We were deciding to move all the online shopping from fridaytosundat[dot]net to facebook, but, well, today facebook is kinda full of spams and irresponsible pictures tagging (no offense ;)). And after the warm suggestions from our loving customers, we decide to make an official website. Yay!! exciting!!

Our website:


is now still underconstruction but it will be on the game very very soon!

We will keep updating you, girls! Promise! 🙂



ms. Friday & ms. Sunday

WE are BACK!


Terimakasih atas kesabarannya menunggu respon dari kami..
On-line Store kami telah aktif kembali sehubungan dengan telah selesainya proyek pembangunan toko baru kami di:

Jl. SAgan GK 5, Yogyakarta
(0274) 557091/2

Penjualan utk sementara dilayani via Facebook, brg juga di update lebih cepat melalui facebook. jadi untuk customer kami yang belum bergabung di facebook bisa meng-Add kami melalui link di halaman ini, atau dengan men Search nama Friday To Sunday 🙂

Barang baru akan segera kami Update!!

Barang yang di jual secara online merupakan barang dari main store kami, maka jika secara online habis, barang tersebut mungkin masih tersedia di cabang butik kami di Ambarukmo Plaza Yogya. begitu pula sebaliknya.

Sooo, see you Soon Beautiful!



Friday to SUnday

the academy award


dear gorgeous,
the Academy Award had passed, while another finds out who’s win and who’s “finn”, i’ll find out who-wear-what in the red carpet, cos this is the “time” to show some teeth, ladies!


Cameron Diaz wearing Oscar de la Renta crystal-studded gown, fantastic! And look at her buffy arms, also her mature hair, hoop diamond earings and her glossy red lips..tempting! love it, Cam!

Well, thank God Kristen Stewart did not wear the crankypants plus the over-sized tees, instead she was very spectacular in midnight blue Monique Lhuillier gown with the heart-shape neckline. Honestly the accesories is very less, but we love the bracelet.

Oh we are perfectly heart Rachel McAdams water color princess gown by Elie Saab, the up-do hair, the earings, the..the.. oh we just love you, but it’s better if you bring that cute accessory-ehem! Ryan Gosling-with you, you’re perfect together! oh..sorry it was private emotion

oh-oh look at that shiny hair combined the shiny-shimmering-satiny dress. Sandy is classy!

Carey Mulligan’s frock is really rock! was that cool? i made that rhymes.. anyway, if you look at this Prada gown, you’ll see a gown for a rocker-chic

this gown covered in teeny forks, knives, scissors, nuts, bolts and other hardware. beware of magnets, girl!

and here we go…..


errrr.. what is that in her boobies? oh no, the longer i put my eyes in there the more i get dizzy.. i think that swirling thing in her chest is hypnotizing

Hil, just because u were played as a boy in “boys don’t cry” doesn’t mean we forgot that u are a very pretty lady. so, just hide a lil’ bit of your girlie assets in there, ok?

hey Mag, tell us how to tied up that Hawaiian table-cover into a dress. really, Maggie Gyllenhaal is the most creative person, she wore that dress while others busy to prepare a floral or shiny gown to step in the chic-est red carpet.

you know what, when one of the supporting actress in the movie up in the air said that ‘i want to be exactly like you in 15 years!’ i was like, ‘yeah! me too! you are cool Vera Faminga!’ but you ruin my dream today. you know why. yeah, because i can’t dance flamenco like you! you were teaching flamenco with those raspberry colored dress when you realized that you must be in the red carpet, right? right?

well, uhmm… *i spent 10 minutes to say ‘errr..’ ‘umm…’* okay, i just want to know, honestly Zoe, do you want more attention or do you want to use that ruffled in the bottom of your dress to drag a water jar from the river to the hometree in Pandora?
because the sparkly beidge bodice is just perfect, so i decided to help Givenchy redress you

well, that was it.
many dresses are inspirational but not less that are irrational..

ms. Friday & ms. Sunday



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